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And about  The  Sepp – Books

by helmut s. 2017 editions


 Book 1

Sepp Sudetenland to Kleinerort

Sepp’s Odyssey started with the deportation of German-speaking citizens of the Sudetenland. A shoeless Erika fell into the arms of a shoemaker. Nine months later she gave birth to a boy and named him Sepp.

The boy grew up in Kleinerort, without being enthusiastically embraced or nurtured by the villagers. He thought it was because he was Catholic and they were Lutheran. From a young age on, all Sepp wanted is to get away from Kleinerort. The home of his dreams was always the Wild West of America.


Book 2

Sepp Hansestadt the Apprentice

Age 13 Sepp’s wish to get away came true. He entered an apprenticeship as a waiter with the owner of a First Class hotel and premiere house in the heart of the historic town of Altestadt and failed. Knowing that he can do it, stubbornly Sepp tried again. He found another apprenticeship opportunity. His parents signed the contract which allowed Sepp to travel to the Hansestadt, a little over 800 km north of Kleinerort.

Here successfully Sepp completed a three-year apprenticeship as a waiter at The-Ferry-Restaurant-Café&Bar, followed by two more apprenticeships in hospitality. During the years of the West German Economic Miracle, Sepp was not pampered or cuddled but put to work. Sepp learned the hospitality trade and the germaneness of work. Working 12 to 14 hours a day was normal.

To relax, Sepp discovered the value of alcohol. His peers introduced Sepp to occasional sexual adventures just like boys nowadays would attend sporting events. Over the years, from the boy who arrived at The-Ferry-Restaurant-Café&Bar in lederhosen, Sepp rose to be the manager in suit and tie.


Book 3

Sepp Goldminecity and Apartheid

Then after ten years in the Hansestadt, Sepp was forced to look for new work, which he found in Andalusia. His stay on the Costa del Sol was cut short by Generalissimo Franco’s death. From here Sepp migrated to the most southern tip of Africa.

Because of his expertise in the hospitality field, based on hotel school, and three completed apprenticeships: one as a waiter, one as a cook and one for hotel management, he landed a job at the 5-star All-Suite Hotel in Goldminecity.

During the year in the big city, with his knowledge and work ethics, Sepp set a good example and was well liked by his staff and the superiors. Here Sepp met and took care of local VIPs and visitors from around the world. One of his customers, unbeknown to Sepp, a Walter van Russbourg had an interest in Sepp’s past and future life and wellbeing.


Book 4

Sepp The Cape in the Seventies

Sepp followed his wife’s wishes and moved to the Cape, for her to see and enjoy the endless beaches and the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. On Walter van Russbourg’s recommendation, Sepp accepted an unexpected job offer, too good to be true, from DR an American businessman.

While working for DR and his daughter Nicole, Sepp was in charge of a large enterprise. When the end of Apartheid caused anxiety for many foreign investors, Sepp’s comptroller skills, inventory taking, and accounting know-how landed him in the liquidation businesses.

Having Walter van Russbourg’s full support and knowing some important people in the right places, all dating back to his work at the 5-star All-Suite Hotel, came in very handy. Sepp made use of the connections he had to some bankers. Without much effort, Sepp all of a sudden made money hand over fist.


Book 5

Sepp America and the West

Sepp book #5 portrays a hardworking and risk taking Sepp, who behaves overly pretentious despite having had simple straight down to earth humble parents.

He believes in the power of money, and that’s what is coming his way faster than ever before, the money but not the power.


Book 6

Sepp Rehab and Restoration
There is a price to pay for everything, but then life happens. Sepp survives thanks to the skills learned.

A new beginning, a new start every day, the same old Sepp.



Book 7

Sepp Home

A different Sepp, learning is the solution, humbled but happy no longer wanting to have someone else’s house, bank account, girlfriend.

By just being happy about being Sepp.


Books 1 through 7

The Sepp’s Epic Perils & Pitfalls collection includes all 7 Sepp-Books the whole saga in epic proportion from Germany to America as a download for one low price of $12

Sepp’s Epic Perils & Pitfalls of an International Hospitality Professional takes us on a journey from the Sudeten Mountains to the West German American Zone, and provides a window into Sepp growing up in a 1950-60 Frankenland, before getting his professional education in the International Hospitality Industry during the 1960s. Here he works and earns his living in restaurants and hotels. Sepp develops a strong liking for alcohol and sex. Sepp witnesses how money plays a big role. The ones who have ample cash enjoy understating, while those who don’t have it, overstate by acting like being rich. Sepp spends many years in the Hansestadt before his travels and new job in Andalusia. And from here Sepp immigrates to South Africa. After working at the Indian Ocean’s shore he emigrates from Africa to the United States starting out in Kansas City and finally making his home among the Redwoods along the Pacific Ocean front of California.

The Sepp books describe ‘waiting on tables,’ preparing food, and ‘being of service to hotel guests.’ Sepp gets to deal with issues and non-issues, about money, sex, religion, apartheid, and many other common problems, like wars and refugees as well as addictions, and finally gets a tour into spiritual awakenings.

   The Sepp books are without a so-called super-hero. We have Sepp, an ordinary kid growing up slowly on planet earth. He is bright and stupid at the same time. Sepp has no special super powers, aside from a ‘Guardian Angel’ and the ’schmaltzy’ Walter fellow. Sepp’s trek doesn’t end until he finds what he always needed, and it may not be what he wanted. However, will Sepp ever find out the truth about Walter van Russbourg, his birth father, or maybe not?



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