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The Sepp’s Epic Perils & Pitfalls collection includes all 7 Sepp-Books the whole saga in epic proportion from Germany to America for one low price of $12

Sepp’s Epic Perils & Pitfalls of an International Hospitality Professional takes us on a journey from the Sudeten Mountains to the West German American Zone, and provides a window into Sepp growing up in a 1950-60 Frankenland, before getting his professional education in the International Hospitality Industry during the 1960s. Here he works and earns his living in restaurants and hotels. Sepp develops a strong liking for alcohol and sex. Sepp witnesses how money plays a big role. The ones who have ample cash enjoy understating, while those who don’t have it, overstate by acting like being rich. Sepp spends many years in the Hansestadt before his travels and new job in Andalusia. And from here Sepp immigrates to South Africa. After working at the Indian Ocean’s shore he emigrates from Africa to the United States starting out in Kansas City and finally making his home among the Redwoods along the Pacific Ocean front of California.



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