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1. If you can’t accept the Terms of Service (TOS) of our sites don’t click on any link here, and you are most welcome to leave now.

If you like what you see, welcome to 1999hs2000.com and stay as long as you like.


2. Your use of: https://www.kaufhouse.info , https://www.1999hs2000.com  or any other web site or store owned or operated by 1999hs2000.com INC, a Delaware Corporation (any of helmut_s’s sites) and the services provided through or in connection with the 1999hs2000 sites and viewing of the content available at the 1999hs2000 Sites, is subject to this Terms Of Use Agreement.


3. These Terms of Use apply to all customers, visitors, users, and others who view the 1999hs2000 Sites.


4. The Use of 1999hs2000 Sites includes:

A. Your right to feel free to roam and enjoy the information as gathered by helmut s., just be courteous when you copy content and let the author know about your intentions.

B. The use of a shop which sells Downloadable Goods and Services as ordered, by using a WOOcommerce shopping cart, on this WordPress site. And if there are any issues regarding the shopping cart, please contact the owners via email at helmut_s@rtw.mobi or helmut_s@me.com


4. As we do not keep records of your information, other then those needed to complete a purchase and we do not sell any information, so don’t expect any email from us. 


5. You will not get any spam from us either, or receive emails which you didn’t ask for.


6. We also do not have any of those utterly annoying pop ups and adds as you may be accustomed to, from many other websites, so don’t bother looking for them.


With this enjoy, have a most beautiful day, every day, says

helmut s.



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